Tumbledown Elopement | Corey + Michaela


There’s nothing more sweet than a couple who just wants a few close friends, their dog, and good photos on their wedding day – and Corey + Michaela did just that. The morning I arrived at the cabin it was pouring buckets but I knew they’d have a plan and when I walked into the cabin it was a telling moment; they could either be freaking out or they’d be just fine.

Well, they were just fine! So fine in fact that Michaela was so excited to get to the trailhead that almost forgot to pack her wedding dress in her backpack!! Everyone was smiles, a little hesitant of course because of the rain, but they were ready. Corey had been watching the radar like a hawk and we were about to hit a pocket of no-rain weather, so off we went: Corey, Michaela, her best friend Lisa, Corey’s brother Chris, and Laura, they’re good friend & the officiant. Oh, and of course Marbles!

Once we arrived we slowly started making our way up Tumbledown. Now if you’re familiar with Tumbledown you know that this place is always PACKED…but not this day! The weather had kept everyone away and even though we didn’t get the view that most would hope for, we got this beautiful haze that made everything so much more magical and intimate.

Michaela got ready with Lisa and Laura in a little pocket of woods while Corey and Chris got ready out by the pond. It was the best getting ready suites I’ve ever seen 😉

Their ceremony was so sweet. Marbles walked Michaela down the aisle towards Corey at the edge of the pond and just like that, they were married! We explored a little, snapped some photos all around where we were, and then started to descend. Once we arrived back at the trailhead they changed for a few more photos and then it was off to the cabin for formal dances + family photos!

**I also have to give a shout out to Sarah of Lazy Acres Farm! She created their florals and they made it flawlessly all the way up the mountain!

Thank you again Corey + Michaela for having me document this amazing adventure and for trusting me to be the one to take photos of your wedding day!! This is truly an adventure I will never forget. I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other down the road 🙂


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