Hey there! I'm Tory - born in the beautiful State of Maine and raised to explore all that it has to offer. I've had a camera in my hand since 2010 when I moved to Wyoming straight out of High School. It was the sweeping landscapes for me ;) When I moved back home, photography naturally became my path.

Colorful. Bold. Contrasted. Golden Light. Is the photography style I lean towards. I love the textures of the hills that grow into mountains. The way the light filters through the tall pines. And how the water has a mind of it's own whether it's still as the lake at sunset or roaring waterfalls through the mountains.

I love capturing the real moments while also keeping it real behind the lens. I'm paying attention to the scenery, light, and emotion of the shot while also making sure that your necklace clasp isn't twisted, your hair isn't sticking up, and I'm going to kindly suggest that your Apple Watch isn't going to quite flow with the esthetic of the photo ;) 

All about the real & ready.

about tory

cascade gorges
Borestone mountain
bulldog camps
grafton notch state park
angel falls
tumbledown mountain

Favorite Spots in Maine

I live in Central Maine but am always traveling north anywhere between Rangeley and Katahdin to capture couples eloping and intimate weddings, families who love the Western Mountains, and business owners looking for updated, down home, content!

When I'm not working I'm either exploring those areas for fun, or I'm home with my pups, Jase and Baxter, and my person, Forrest. Having a beer on the back deck at sunset, listening to music, and watching the dogs romp around is my happy place.

I am forever grateful to have Maine as my playground and workspace.

Life behind the lens.

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