A Chimney Pond Elopement | Dani + Nate


So it might be a year later but what better way to Blog their wedding than to publish it on their One Year Anniversary?!

In the summer of 2020 I got an email from Dani and as I read through the details on their inquiry form I knew I’d hit gold with this couple. Not only did they want to elope on a mountain, they wanted to elope at Chimney Pond on Mount Katahdin. I think I did cry when I read this to be completely honest!

I quickly got Dani on the phone and we chatted alllll about our love for the mountains and their love for Baxter State Park. I had only summited Katahdin once and it happened to be the year prior so the area was still fresh in my mind. Not only did they want photos, they wanted video done too. They were getting married on 10/15/20 (a Thursday!) so I knew I could find someone to help me with this coverage.

Shortly after I got off the phone with Dani I took a leap and emailed Chris Bennett. I’d been following his work for years and knew he’d be up for it if he were to be available, and he was! After some emails back and forth we settled on the details and agreed to meet where Dani + Nate were staying the night before.

The day of the wedding I realized just how much of a task covering BOTH photo + video was. Chris immediately said he’d cover photos if I wanted to focus on video. I am so grateful I had hired someone who could take on this task because I truly don’t know how I would have done both by myself! Here are “some” of my favorites from Dani + Nate’s wedding day! Thank you so much Chris for taking these photos!! Literally all photo credit goes to him! Click here to check out his website!


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