Married on a Backyard Cliff | Claire + Tyler


I’ve known Claire since I was a kid so it was an easy “Yes!” when she asked me to do their wedding photos! Of course because of COVID there was some back and forth with the date and location but honestly it couldn’t have been a better day and location to have it on a Friday afternoon at her parents home.

A few weeks prior to the wedding I drove down to visit the site where Claire’s Dad and Tyler were working hard at the back patio where the ceremony would be held so it was quite a surprise when I walked in on the day of the wedding to see it not only completely finished but also fully landscaped and decorated for the wedding (I mean of course this would happen but still, the transformation was insane! They worked so hard and it definitely paid off!).

Claire + Tyler shared a sweet first look, their ceremony was epic being up on a cliff in a backyard, and their entrance into the reception was priceless!

Thank you, Claire + Tyler, for having me take these photos of your wedding day for you! I am so happy for you and can not wait to see how the rest of your lives unfold.


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