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It’s during the slower season of photography that I start to doubt my career. Literally, every single time winter rolls around I start to freak out just slightly (insert crying laughing face). I had recently been connected with the former Director of Photography for Down East Magazine and I remember sitting on the couch watching TV late one night when I received an email – it was my first gig with Down East… and it was in two days!

The assignment was to follow Leigh Olson with Historic Tours in Portland and take photos of Portlands gorgeous architecture. I had never even heard of this but I was so fascinated with it! We’d jog around Portland, stopping at certain historic points and while Leigh rattled off SO MANY facts about the location, building, and people in history, we did anything from jogging in place to lunges, squats, leg lifts, etc. I truly had never had a workout like that… EVER and I would do it all again… maybe in the summer though!

Not only was this my first gig with Down East Magazine but about a month later I received the news that I’d landed the cover!

Below are some of the images I took as well as the link to the article and Leigh’s Historic Workout site.


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