Lacey + Matt | A Surprise Proposal


It’s my best friend’s wedding day… so it’s only fitting that I share their proposal story & photos!

Back in December of 2019, Matt texted me saying he bought a ring! It was unexpected and expected all at the same time. He wanted to plan a proposal and have me be a part of it and I couldn’t have been happier!

The plan was for me to ask Lacey to do a photoshoot with the horses out back of their house. This is TOTALLY normal, Lacey does shoots with people all the time and I just so happened to have bought a new lens! While I was doing the shoot, Matt would be rushing all of their closest friends and family into the house to watch. When he was ready he texted me and I brought her over to the spot we’d picked out so that everyone could watch from the house. I told her “the lighting was just so pretty here” and then Matt walked around the corner insert all of the tears.

Now Lacey doesn’t cry, but I knew she’d cry with this so I stuffed tissues into my jacket so that I was fully prepared! Once Matt got down on knee and Lacey said “YES!” you could hear everyone in the house cheer. Lacey was totally caught off guard not only by the proposal but with the fact that Matt was able to keep the proposal hidden, incorporate the photos, AND sneak everyone into the house within a short period of time. And when I say short period of time I mean TWENTY FREAKING MINUTES!!

It’s their wedding day today which means I’m probably bustling around to keep the day flowing, walking down the aisle to stand next to Lacey along with so many more friends, dancing the night away, stuffing my face with food, having a few beverages… you know – you get the picture. So here are the photos to go with the storyline of Lacey & Matt getting engaged!



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