Mount Battie Elopement | Melissa + Dan



I couldn’t help but feel over joyed when I received a message from Melissa asking if I’d be up for hiking Mount Battie to capture her & Dan’s elopement. Of course I said to which I countered with… “Is there any chance you could do it at sunrise…?” because you see, they wanted to get married on the same day that I was hosting my best friend’s Bridal Shower and I wanted to make BOTH work!

I’m not going to lie, it was MUGGY that morning and I was beyond impressed with this group. Once we arrived at the top we took a couple of group shots before they changed. While they were changing and I was snapping detail photos I noticed that the sun was about to be FULL BLAST on to us so I quickly explained to them that I’d like to snap a couple of portraits of them before they started their ceremony to which they happily obliged. This my friends, is one of my favorite parts about working with the couples that choose me to document their day: They trust me. They trust that when I say we need to go, we need to GO NOW and there’s never once been a regret!

Their ceremony was SO SWEET. As they recited their vows by heart the sun poured through the clouds and then it was time to celebrate! They passed around flasks with everyones favorite liquor in them and toasted to the Newly Weds!

On the way down we stopped at another location where we took the petals from the bouquet and tossed them into the air (and I want to heavily note that we abided by the “No Trace” policy and picked up all of the petals after we were done!)

I can not thank Melissa + Dan enough for trusting me with their wedding. I am so unbelievably happy for them and am so excited to have met another adventurous couple!

Now I wouldn’t be writing this Blog post if they hadn’t said yes, so let’s cut to the chase shall we? 😉


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